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My Asian Travels, Staying In Hostels

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Posted By Josephine Rodriguez
  • Asia is the most populous continent and is also a travel paradise. Whether you want to go on a backpacking adventure or a luxurious trip, the continent has a lot to offer. You can find diverse culture and traditions, amazing cuisine, vast landscapes, and even futuristic infrastructure. Asia is full of intriguing adventures, from visiting temples in Thailand, lounging in beautiful stunning beaches in Indonesia, exploring a real oasis in the United Arab Emirates, strolling around the Great Wall of China, discovering the beauty of India’s Golden Triangle, to looking at a glimpse of the future in Tokyo. It might be hard to decide where to go and what to do, fortunately, websites like Yonder Tours is a lot of help.
  • The cheapest way to travel all around Asia is backpacking. Hostels are backpackers ultimate best friend. A lot of hostels in Asia look more like a hotel, they offer many facilities, some even have pools. In most Southeast Asia countries, you can find a hostel with swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, and free breakfast for as low as 10 USD! Note that the price is usually more expensive in Eastern Asia like China and Japan.

Black Pearl Hostel in Bali

  • Hostels offer several room selections, such as dorms and private rooms. While private rooms are really nice, dorms are probably the most budget-friendly options for solo travelers. Some rooms can accommodate more than 10 people so privacy can be really limited. This can be annoying for some people, but it’s a part of the hostel life, and you can see it as a way to save money to travel to more places.
  • If you’re feeling uncomfortable sleeping in the same room where strangers can see you, you can choose dorms that are equipped with curtains around the bed for privacy. There are also beds that designed like a pod. If you’re traveling to Japan, capsule hotels are the best options. They cost around 30 to 50 USD.
  • There are many kinds of hostels, so it would be good to research the hostel before you book a room. Some hostels are ‘party hostels’ which means they market party crowd. These hostels are usually big, load, and hosts many activities. There are also hotels that offer more chill vibes with a nice homey-atmosphere. Some hostels have bars, some have pools, some have kitchens. It truly varies and you can choose what kind of hostel you like best.
  • Since privacy is limited and you have to share rooms with other people, hostels are the perfect place to meet like-minded travelers. Other than the dorms, many hostels offer a common room and a shared kitchen. These are the best place to start socializing with other travelers.
  • It is easy to make conversation with people around you even when you’re actually shy. It would be unnatural not to make conversation with your dorm mates. Questions like “where are you from?” “where have you been traveling to?” “How long are you traveling?” will follow you everywhere, whether you’re staying in a party hostel or in a more chilled out and homely hostel. By socializing with other people, who are most likely to be like-minded, you can have more information and tips about traveling.  Meeting someone and gain a long-term friendship is also a plus!
  • But, with all of these facilities, are hostels safe? Of course, they’re not 100% safe. But nothing is! Bad things can happen anywhere. The one thing you need to make sure when you’re staying in a hostel is to keep your belonging safe. Don’t worry, most hostels provide a secure and large locker for their guests.

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